SACKETT DO BRASIL is a company in the industrial segment that operates in the market, mainly in the field of fertilizers and mining, covering:

Study, development, design, manufacture and marketing of systems, equipment, parts and services;
Execution of projects, constructions, assemblies and rendering of services in industrial processes.

Based on our principles of conduct and responsible attitudes, participation and commitment of all to achieve our goals, we want to:

Be competitive in the market through the practice of ethics, effective quality management, social responsibility, environment, safety and health at work;
Comply with legal and other requirements;
Know, understand and meet the needs of our customers with differentiated products and services, seeking trust, satisfaction and success;
Prevent environmental pollution and accidents at work;
Promote the satisfaction of supplier workers, shareholders and other stakeholders in business relations;
Increase our capacity through continuous improvement, technological renewal, operational best practices and performance improvement.